Now on the iPhone

Little Bella’s “I close my eyes” is an “Interactive animated book” aimed at kids aged 3 - 9.

Little Bella shows us an exciting new way to learn and have fun. Simply touch the text and Little Bella will read to you. Then click to watch cute little animations of Little Bella’s wild imagination.

Little Bella loves to close her eyes and imagine all sorts of things. Like flying in the clouds and jumping like a frog or even being a slippery slimy slug!

Perfect for a bedtime story or moments of the dreaded “I’m bored!”. This iPhone App has been carefully designed so children of all ages can easily navigate through it - all by themselves.

Keep a look out for Little Bella’s next iPhone App coming soon ... we can’t wait!


Little Bella’s “I close my eyes” was created and directed by Jonathan Dower and produced by
Tui Studios.

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